August 24, 2021

All classes will resume for the 2021-2022 year on September 8, 2021. Following orders of the PHO, faculty and students must wear a mask while indoors. In addition, all students 12 years and older are required to show proof of vaccination in order to attend in-studio classes. Online classes are available for any students who choose to stay online.

Lorita Leung Dance Academy COVID-19 Safety Action Plan

Updated November 7, 2020.

We look forward to welcoming our students back into our studio. The health and safety of our faculty and students is our number one priority. Below, you will find a full explanation of our COVID-19 Safety Action Plan.

  • Students or teachers who show any symptoms of illness (including fever, cough, rash, runny nose or loss of smell/taste) are required to stay at home.

  • Anyone with family members who have recently travelled out of country must wait a minimum of 14 days before attending class in-studio.

  • Students or faculty members who have come in contact with anyone that has tested positive for COVID-19 cannot attend class in-studio until 21 days have passed.

What is new at LLDA:

  • We now offer 3 studio spaces: Studio 1 (downstairs large), Studio 2 (downstairs small), Studio 3 (upstairs)

  • We now have 3 washrooms: 1 downstairs and 2 upstairs

  • The office is now enclosed and has been relocated to the former changing room location

  • As a result of these renovations, we are better equipped to adhere to new handwashing and social distancing standards.

What LLDA is doing to keep everyone safe:

  • Class size will be limited to 6 students per studio. If the number of students exceeds 6, the group will be spread out over 2 studios.

  • The studio floor and barres are be marked to indicate proper social distance requirements.

  • All high touch surfaces will be disinfected multiple times throughout the day.

  • Touch free sanitizing stations will be installed on both levels.

  • Class times have shifted. This is to reduce the flow and number of people in the building and to accommodate extra cleaning protocols.

  • The Academy will be closed for a 15-minute cleaning session in between classes. During this time, the studios will be ventilated and all surfaces will be sanitized using a commercial grade fog misting machine.

  • Upon entering the building, students’ temperatures will be taken and logged prior to every class. Students with a temperature higher than 38 C will not be permitted to take class.

  • Students will be required to bring and wear their own masks in class at all times.

  • Doors and windows will be left open for ventilation during class

  • Studio 1 and Studio 2 are each equipped with a medical grade NCCO air purifier, which is running continuously throughout the day.

  • All exercises will be done individually (no partnering work.)

  • Parents and siblings are not permitted to enter the building.

  • All classes will be broadcast live on Zoom. If students do not wish to attend class in-studio, or if they are required to stay at home, they can participate in the class on Zoom.

What students must do to keep everyone safe:

  • Students must sanitize their hands upon entering the studio.

  • Students must bring and wear their own masks in class at all times.

  • Students must bring their own mats to use for floor exercises. Mats are no longer provided by the studio.

  • Students must bring their own props to use in class. Sharing of props is not allowed.

  • Students must bring their own water and water bottle. The upstairs kitchen is for faculty use only.

  • Students will only be allowed to enter the building at the start of their class time. Waiting inside the building is not permitted.

  • Students must arrive fully dressed for class (changing rooms are not available). Shoes can be changed in the studio. Due to limited space in the studio, please limit personal belongings.

  • Parents are expected to pick up their children on time outside of the building. Students are not permitted to wait inside the building after class. There is no supervision of students outside of the building.

  • Faculty will be busy with the new cleaning protocols and will not have time to chat with parents in between classes. If you need to speak with your teacher, please message or email your teacher directly.

  • All payment must be made electronically. We do not accept cash.


These protocols are subject to change and reflect current government regulatory standards