Sharon Lee

Sharon is an emerging professional artist who has trained with the best in the street dance community and industry. She is always actively seeking opportunity to learn, train, and create, which has opened many doors in her knowledge and movement. Sharon is currently a member of Immigrant Lessons, an art, dance, fashion based collective that is pushing the boundaries of street dance.

In Vancouver, she has trained under Kim Sato, and is one of the original members of twofourseven Company. Sharon has also trained in Europe, Los Angeles and New York with Buddha Stretch, Henry Link,  Caleaf, Majory Smarth, and so many more original creators of hip hop and house dance.

With Sharon’s background and training, it has led her to work with local and international artists and choreographers such as A Tribe Called Red, Mandy Moore, Christopher Scott  and many more. She has also performed at many high profile events such as Juno Fest, Fringe Manila,TED talks, and Takashi Murakami’s preview Art Gallery Night/Birthday Bash.