Chloe Leung Instructor

Chloe started dancing at the young age of 4 at Lorita Leung Dance Academy. She was a member of the Little Panda Children’s Performing Group and in 2015 she joined the Lorita Leung Dance Company. Throughout her journey as a dancer, Chloe has had the opportunity to perform across the Lower Mainland and has even performed internationally at Disney World and the Confucius Institute in Idaho.

Chloe’s passion for dance has allowed her to embark on the path of becoming an instructor, and she aims to help students reach their full potential and discover their keenness for Chinese dance. Chloe is a Certified Teacher for CDGES and completed CDGES Grade 13 with Outstanding marks.  She wishes to expand her experience and knowledge in Chinese dance in order to inspire students to create long-lasting memories of being a dancer.