Lorita Leung Founder

Lorita was born in Shanghai, and grew up in China during the '40's and '50's. While in China, she was a dancer with the Lanchow Army Song and Dance Troupe. She also spent time with an Army Song and Dance troupe in Korea.

Lorita moved to Hong Kong in 1963 where she spent seven years with Rediffusion Television as the premier dance Chinese dance teacher and choreographer.

Lorita moved to Vancouver in 1970 and immediately founded Lorita Leung Dance Academy. It was the first Chinese dance school in North America to use professional training standards. In 1993, she brought the Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Syllabus to Canada. That same year, she was awarded the Canada 125 Commemoration Medal in recognition of her service to Canada and to her fellow Canadians. In 2012, the Vancouver Park’s Board recognized Lorita as one of twelve Remarkable Women in the field of Arts and Culture.