Lorita Leung Dance Academy

The mission of Lorita Leung Dance Academy is to offer top-notch Chinese dance training in a caring and professional environment. At the heart of LLDA is its faculty - a team of qualified and passionate professionals who value careful instruction, artistic excellence and authenticity of the Chinese dance tradition. Classes are kept small and are finely divided by level to ensure that each student is continually challenged to reach his or her own full potential. Our students gain not only confidence and poise through regular performance opportunities, but also a sense of community and a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese dance culture.

Unique to Lorita Leung Dance Academy is its Contemporary Chinese Dance program, led by Chengxin Wei, which blends Classical Chinese dance with influences from Western Contemporary dance. The result is a dance style that is current, innovative and that truly reflects our locale as a gateway to the Pacific Rim. Advanced contemporary dance students perform with Vancouver Contemporary Chinese Dance Company.

Lorita Leung Dance Academy provides many performance opportunities for its students. It is the proud home of The Little Panda Children’s Performing Group, comprised of some of LLDA’s most talented and dedicated young students, and also the home base for its brightest jewel, the renowned Lorita Leung Dance Company. LLDA students have won top awards and prizes at both local and prestigious international competitions including the Overseas Taoli Cup Dance Competition and the Global Dance Challenge.