Lorita Leung Dance Academy offers a broad range of classes for the discerning dance student.   We have reputable and established training program in Chinese dance that offers the complete Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Examination Syllabus (CDES) Levels One through Thirteen.  In addition to the CDES, our students also have the opportunity to learn new choreography and repertoire in Chinese Classical, Folk and Ethnic dance.  We also offer Summer Intensive programs for serious dance students who seek more challenge during the summer months.

Beyond traditional Chinese dance, we also offer a cutting edge Contemporary Chinese dance program that reflects our unique position on the Canadian West coast as a meeting point between East and West.

For the recreational student who is interested in combining Chinese Dance, fitness and fun, we offer beginner and intermediate classes for teens and adults.

Performance opportunities at LLDA are plentiful, and all students have the opportunity to perform at our annual concert A Year in Motion.  Promising students are invited to join one of our two active performing groups: The Little Panda Children’s Performing Group and Lorita Leung Dance Company.

The Chinese Dance Examination Syllabus (CDES) offers students a cohesive and well rounded approach to Chinese dance studies.  It emphasizes technical ability (posture, flexibility, strength and co-ordination) through progressive floor, barre and centre exercises.  It also introduces students to Classical Chinese dance, which emphasizes musicality, lyricism, poise, and the use of eyes and facial expression.  There is opportunity for students to express their own creativity in free movement exercises, which in the higher levels include challenging shifts in tempo and dynamics.  Finally, through the introduction of National Folk dances, students are further exposed to different styles of Chinese dance, which vary from region to region.  The Beijing Dance Academy CDES is studied by tens of thousands of students in China and abroad, and has been taught at LLDA since 1992.

We are proud to offer our own unique style of Contemporary Chinese Dance, which artfully blends Chinese Dance with Western Contemporary Dance elements. 

Directed by well-known dancer, choreographer and dance educator, Chengxin Wei, our Contemporary Chinese Dance program gives intermediate and advanced dancers the opportunity to take their Chinese dance technique and movement vocabulary to new horizons.  Students are continuously challenged to new ways of moving and thinking about Chinese dance through innovative training in technique, improvisation and choreography.

The Contemporary Chinese Dance program is suited to the intermediate and advanced level student who has a strong dance foundation. Previous training in Chinese dance is an asset but not a requirement.

Our teen class is geared towards students in high school who are interested in learning Chinese dance, but who have little or no previous Chinese dance experience.

Here, teens can be comfortable with other students in their age range and learn Chinese dance in a pace suited to them, without the pressure of the Chinese dance exams.

Teen classes are suitable for Beginner to Intermediate level students.