Jenny Wu - Instructor

Jenny is a graduate of the Beijing Dance Academy where she majored in Chinese Classical and Folk dance.  From 1986 to 1993, Jenny was part of the Central Song and Dance Ensemble (now known as the China Song and Dance Ensemble), where she gained a wealth of performance experience. She has performed in many countries, including the United States, Cuba, Jamaica, Mexico, Germany, and the Philippines. From 1993 to 2010, she was part of the Beijing Women’s Club (a United States owned enterprise) where she taught Chinese dance. In 2011, she obtained the Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Teacher Certification Examination for CDES 1 to 12. 

Jenny began teaching at Lorita Leung Dance Academy in 2015, where she teaches CDES and adult classes. She is known by students and faculty alike for her strong qualifications, patience and teamwork.