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The Lorita Leung Chinese Dance Company have been performing Chinese Folk, Classical and Minority dances, as well as Chinese Ballet and Contemporary Chinese Dance since 1970. The dancers are trained at The Lorita Leung Dance Academy in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The Academy uses professional training methods, taught by up to date and caring faculty. The Lorita Leung Dance Association is a BC non profit society and a registered Canadian charity. Its objectives are to promote, preserve and enhance Chinese Dance. The Association was established in 1984. The Association presents the Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Syllabus in Canada, and also a Chinese Dance Summer Intensive in Vancouver, BC.


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The Lorita Leung Dance Association was incorporated as a BC non profit society on January 16, 1984. Shortly afterwards, it was recognized as a Canadian Registered Charity. Its objectives are to preserve, promote and enhance Chinese dance. It does this by sponsoring the Lorita Leung Dance Company, by organizing the Chinese Dance Summer Intensive and by presenting the Beijing Dance Academy Chinese Dance Syllabus in Canada. The Association frequently brings Chinese dance experts from China to Canada on cultural exchange.  

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The Lorita Leung Dance Academy was established in 1970 as one of North America's first Chinese dance schools. Since then, it has grown considerably and now offers a variety of classes in Chinese dance, classical ballet, contemporary Chinese dance, At the heart of the Academy is its faculty - a team of caring and highly specialized professionals from Canada and China, several of whom are noted dancers and choreographers. Classes are kept small and are carefully divided by level to ensure that each student is continually challenged to reach their own maximum potential.







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This Syllabus has been implemented in China since 1986. Since then, over 25,000 students have been directly trained by the Beijing Dance Academy. Students taught by dance teachers trained by the Beijing Dance Academy are not included. Additionally, more than 1,000 dance teachers have been trained. The system of Graded Examinations was implemented in 1988. Since then, about 800 dance teachers and 14,000 students have been granted various qualification certificates.

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